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Non-toxic environment


Most of us would love to live in a non-toxic environment, but in today’s society it’s difficult to avoid the chemicals that seem to be pervasive in every aspect of life. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the products we use can all be affected by toxic chemicals. These contaminants may originate from industrial pollutants and commercial farming practices, which use pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides that end up in the air, water, and soil. While we may not be able to control the toxins in the world around us, there are choices each of us can make to  benefit our personal environment to strive for the optimal toxin free environment.  An excellent way to start is by implementing a routine of cleaning with microfiber or other selective, healthy alternatives and by being particular when choosing personal care products.

There are a number of compelling reasons to strive for this type of non-toxic environment in the home. Research has repeatedly demonstrated a link between various diseases and conditions and common chemicals like BPA, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, flame retardants, and pesticides. Many of these studies are catalogued at . The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are at much higher levels indoors than outdoors; studies have shown that these pollutants, released from common household products like cleansers, disinfectants, paints, and air fresheners, may cause negative health effects. Various chemicals can enter our bodies in many ways, as we consume them, breathe them in, or absorb them through our skin.

Many parents, in particular, are becoming concerned with creating a non-toxic environment for their children. This makes sense, because children are more at risk from pollutants, because they are exposed to a higher concentration due to their smaller body size; furthermore, they are more vulnerable because their bodily systems are still developing. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are at the forefront of a movement to encourage parents to find non toxic solutions for their households, by using toxin-free cleaning and environmentally friendly products.

Fortunately, it is not hard to create this kind of non-toxic environment.

  • Choose furniture without flame retardants. Do you know that mattresses and cushions can be some of the most hazardous items in the home? They’re often made of polyurethane foam, which produces VOCs, and are often treated with flame retardants. A better choice is furniture made of polyester, down, wool, or cotton.
  • Open your windows. As stated previously, there are high levels of pollutants indoors, so opening windows can significantly improve air quality.
  • Take off your shoes. You would not believe what you carry in on your shoes! Leave contaminants like chemicals and animal feces at the door by removing your shoes when you enter your home.
  • Dust regularly. Chemicals can build up on household surfaces, so keeping them dust-free cuts down on your exposure.
  • Use non-hazardous cleaning products. This doesn’t have to be expensive, as there are many products you can make at home.
    • For an all-purpose cleaner, mix 2½ teaspoons Borax, ½ teaspoon liquid Castile soap, and 2 cups hot water in a spray bottle, and shake gently.
    • Norwex offers products that allow you to clean with water.  Using water to clean is beneficial for children and expectant mothers, people with asthma and sensitivities to cleaning products, fragrances and chemicals.

Norwex facilitates the creation of a non-toxic environment at home, products that range from non hazardous cleaning products to organic, Eco-cert certified care items.  Create an eco-environment for yourself by reducing chemicals, using less paper towels and choosing carefully what you put on your skin.  Committed to promoting customers’ quality of life by radically reducing chemicals used in personal care and cleaning, Norwex strives to make the world better for future generations. For more information, please see our website or connect with our online community at Facebook and Twitter.


Micro Fiber

Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths


Many of us are looking for ways to maintain a healthy home, reducing cleaning chemicals and disposable, throw-away products that end up in the landfill.   Norwex microfiber cleaning products are  a great way to further that goal. Made using an innovative technology, the Norwex microfiber cleaning cloth has self-purifying properties, and is made to attract and hold dirt, grime and grease. Best of all, Norwex microfiber makes cleaning without chemicals possible, so that you can keep your personal environment clean without residues, chemicals and they are easy to use!

How is this possible to clean with water? Norwex microfiber is the perfect blend of polyester and polyamide and is 1/200th the size of a strand of human hair.  Norwex microfiber contains 69230 meters of fiber per gram.  In fact, there are 2.9 million meters of fiber in a single Norwex EnviroCloth!  If this was stretched out, it would reach from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

When these delicate strands are used to create Norwex microfiber cleaning cloths they provide for an extremely effective cleaning material. Each cloth can hold up to seven times its weight in water and acts like a bionic sponge, removing the dirt, grease and grime away from the surface and into the cloth. What’s more, Norwex microfiber cloths contain micro silver which inhibits the growth of bacterial odor, mold, and mildew growth within the cloth. This means cleaner cloths, less laundering and reduction in cross contamination.  Norwex microfiber is reusable and washable hundreds of times, saving you money and protecting the environment in three ways:

  • reducing the use of chemical cleaners.
  • keeping trash out of landfills.
  • and limiting the detergent runoff from the washing machine. 

Norwex microfiber create a mechanical action that removes soils from surfaces.  They can be used wet and dry with the main advantage being less time is spent cleaning because the microfiber works more efficiently.

  • When used dry, the cloths create a static effect which attracts and holds even the smallest dust particles.
  • When used wet, the cloths do an excellent job of cleaning with water without leaving streaks.
  • Wet, wring, and wipe away dirt and debris.

What cleaning supplies can be replaced using Norwex microfiber cleaning products? Let’s review some of the products to see which may suit your needs.

  • The multipurpose microfiber Enviro Cloth cleans washable surfaces. This is our best seller and great cloth for cleaning everything!  Use it dry for dusting, damp for cleaning walls, tiles, bathtubs, counters, metal surfaces, car interiors, and much more. Between laundering simply rinse, wring out and hang to dry. Because it comes in four colors, you can color-code for different purposes or rooms. The Enviro Cloth comes in different sizes, and you can even choose a travel pack to have them available while on the go.
  • The Window Cloth is ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, jewelry, and other reflective surfaces, using only water. First, clean the dirty surface with a moist Enviro Cloth, then polish with the Window Cloth for a streak-free shine. For lighter cleaning needs, simply spray water on the surface then polish with a dry Window Cloth.
  • The Envirotowel is a superabsorbent, extremely durable towel that dries quickly. Made of suede microfiber, it can be used to remove moisture from a variety of surfaces, including wet skin or hair.
  • The microfiber Dusting Mitt, with thick, terrycloth-like texture, is used for quick and easy dusting. It is excellent for dusting throughout the house, including blinds and other areas that are difficult to reach.
  • The Lint Mitt quickly and efficiently removes lint, dust and pet hair from your clothing.
  • Norwex also provides a great option for cleaning floors.   The dry mop pad employs a static charge that attracts dust to the mop like a magnet. The wet mop pad is ideal for washing floors and walls. Safe for a variety of floor coverings: ceramic and porcelain tiles, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood floors, marble and laminate flooring.

The Norwex microfiber is an innovative product in the cleaning industry made of a blend of polyester and polyamide.  The polyester wedges have the ability to scoop up microscopic bits of dirt while the polyamide spokes, in green, create a wicking action that acts like a vacuum force pulling up liquids, grease and grime into the microfiber. Being reusable hundreds of time using Norwex microfiber also saves you money.

If you’re looking for a way to save money, save cleaning time and have a more environmentally-friendly home while protecting the environment from chemical runoff and household garbage, check out Norwex’s Microfiber cleaning cloths. For more information, please see our website or connect with us on our online community at Facebook and Twitter.

Living Purpose

Purposeful Living


What is Purposeful Living?  Purposeful living means living deliberately, making informed choices, and working toward goals with integrity and a sense of intention behind every move. Purposeful living can also include monitoring your actions to gauge their impact on the world.

At Norwex, we believe that being purposeful in our mission will improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in personal care and household products.  We believe this will ultimately result in conserving the health of the Earth and provide a healthy environment for people and all living things that thrive within it.  After all, a healthy Earth means a healthy you and I! 

Being purposeful in our mission of radically reducing chemicals can begin simply with choices at home.  Daily activities at home include doing laundry, dishes, dusting, polishing glass and windows, cleaning bathrooms, and tidying floors as well as our daily personal hygiene practices.  Each of these activities provides an opportunity to reduce the amount of chemicals to which we expose ourselves and our families.  And research continues to show that it is the daily accumulation of chemicals in our homes and bodies that may have the most negative impact on our health and the health of the planet.  So, do we really need to be concerned about the effects of “every day” products on our health and the health of the planet? Norwex thinks the answer is “yes!” 

It is well known that household pollutants can negatively impact our environment and our health, so our goal at Norwex is to actively improve the health of our families and our planet by radically reducing the chemicals used in personal care and cleaning products.  Norwex believes that each individual household can and should make a difference in the world. If we all make even a small change daily– it can add up to something amazing.   Start small.  Make one change, then add on others and educate others to do the same.  Norwex has a vision to radically reduce chemicals in the home, with the end result being the ability to collectively make a powerful and positive difference in the world and in the lives we touch. It’s a simple equation- one household at a time, with worldwide impact.

Improving our health and environment by radically reducing the use of chemicals at home is an important purpose – and this purpose is what makes Norwex unique. Norwex provides cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for household cleaning and personal care that help improve the health of your home and your personal health, while reducing chemicals that can be released into the environment. The Norwex product line includes the unique Norwex microfiber which is specifically designed to clean virtually the entire home, using only water as a cleaning agent. By choosing to clean your home with water rather than harsh chemicals you will be:

  • Making your personal environment healthier.
  • Saving money.
  • Saving time by eliminating chemical residues. Most cleaning products leave a residue or film on a surface which attracts dirt and adheres to it. Some cleaners have oils which can lead to streaking resulting in more polishing to have a streak-free surface. By using water alone you simply wipe the surface reducing the time needed for cleaning.
  • Reducing the household waste destined for a landfill.
  • And preventing chemicals from entering the environment through the home.

Additionally, Norwex offers a proven and effective skin care line that contains organic ingredients and is EcoCert certified, to help reduce the number of chemicals used on your skin each day. 

It’s a simple yet powerful idea. Each household that takes a step toward purposeful living by choosing more eco-friendly products is moving our planet one step closer to a healthy future. As more families adopt this eco-inspired cleaning practice, we’ll begin to change the world, one household at a time.

Make the healthy choice to reduce your footprint on planet Earth. Make “Norwexing” your home a part of your lifestyle and improve the quality of life for you and your family. For more information please see our website or connect with us on our online community at Facebook and Twitter.

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